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Teacher Corps 


“NFTE U” Teacher Training

4 day intensive initial training

Becoming a NFTE teacher starts with initial training, where educators learn effective techniques for delivering the NFTE curriculum with fidelity. NFTE U focuses on practices that help teachers understand the entrepreneurial mindset by experiencing course content as a NFTE student. On successful completion, educators become full members of the NFTE Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps, with access to ongoing professional development, recognition and leadership opportunities as well as a host of other support services


Instructor Competition Support Services

Creating and pitching a business plan to a panel of judges is a cornerstone of a NFTE student’s entrepreneurial journey. Students are encouraged to compete in classroom competitions, and NFTE runs regional- and national-level competitions to offer students additional opportunities to win funding and recognition. Teachers receive a detailed toolkit for running classroom competitions and get direct support from NFTE staff and volunteers.

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