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Start It Up!


NFTE is nurturing the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs and building a world with more equitable access to economic opportunities for all. The Start it Up! Program is a suite of curriculum and enhanced services that help education and workforce development organizations deliver engaging entrepreneurship education and effective skill-building programming.  Programs designed to help young adults just launching careers and older adults who may be looking to restart their careers.  Self-paced online or hybrid model courses and related programming.

Through the Start it Up! experience, students:

• Learn to think creatively about how to leverage their skills and talents to create a new     business or level up a side hustle

• Work through the process of refining business ideas and initial planning to viable concepts with executable next steps.  Includes preparation for financial solutions

• Take control of their lives with the knowledge and tools to act entrepreneurially in their own businesses and in a global career market where innovation and problem solving are key

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