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NFTE ignites the entrepreneurial mindset with unique learning experiences that empower all students to own their futures. 

NFTE partners with schools, community groups, and youth development organizations to bring entrepreneurship education to under-represented learners. Our evidence-based model leverages an award-winning curriculum, highly trained teachers, and volunteers drawn from across business and industry.

Through the process of creating their own business idea, NFTE students build the skills needed to plan and launch a startup. They also learn about the full range of jobs and occupations available to them and are introduced to new career paths.

Most importantly, students develop the entrepreneurial mindset. They learn to think and act like entrepreneurs, demonstrating skills such as initiative and self-reliance, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, opportunity recognition, and future orientation. This skillset can lead to success in any career.



Every year thousands of NFTE learners launch successful small businesses. Many program alumni continue to run their NFTE businesses long after they graduate or go on to found new companies that create jobs and drive economic growth. Entrepreneurship education not only changes the lives of NFTE learners, it kickstarts inclusive growth and changes communities.

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